What is 3D Printing?

The process of 3D printing involves joining materials together to produce objects based on 3D model data (CAD). The process of 3D printing involves layer-by-layer growth of the geometries of parts; each layer fuses with the one before it. Materials such as plastic, photopolymers, reaction polymers, composites, metal, glass, and others can be printed with 3D printing processes.

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Time-saving assembly

Spend less time putting products together! Using 3D printing, you can make complex geometries that can be printed as one piece or combined

Fast Turnaround

Doing a project for a customer that must be perfect? You'll get your models back fast, and they'll be 3D printed for final feedback and production if needed.

Quality that is reliable

The secret to delivering exceptional, quality products is our proprietary processes and expert 3D printing operators.

Concept Models

As a result of 3D Printing's speed and versatility, product developers can create physical snapshots of their designs progressively.

Rapid Prototyping 

With 3D printing, you can create fully-functional prototypes with moving parts and all-in-one assemblies.

Digital manufacturing directly

Due to its high accuracy and consistency, 3D printing is a great option for manufacturing discrete or customized parts in large quantities.

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